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A More Perfect Union

Read the Constitution of the United States and you'll likely come away with more questions than you began.  How are we supposed to understand the vesting clauses?  What is the real relationship between the Federal and State governments?  Basic rights? 

The Framers themselves did not know the answers to these questions. Instead, they left us the tools to solve the problems they could not even imagine.  Yet, in the centuries since 1791, we have left startling swaths of our founding document opaque, allowing unelected officials and biased politicians to decide for themselves the powers they might wield.  As we have failed the Founders we have given life to their greatest fears of party and polarization. 

With existential crises closing in from every corner we cannot rely on cracked foundations.  To face the coming centuries we must do better.  I suggest three amendments to the Consitution of the United States, each designed to address one prevailing wrong in one of the branches of our government.  It is my hope to spark action so that we might better build an Accountable government and promise for all a more Perfect Union.

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